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Luke Doucet

The down-on-his-luck gigolo is most associated with the Roaring Twenties, when Yanks flush with loot flooded the fleshpots of Europe, where titled nobodies gladly traded old-world luster for champagne and silk sheets. The original “Boulevard” was written for 1934’s Moulin Rouge, and sung by Constance Bennett with Parisian insouciance. Luke Doucet’s harmonies and biting guitaristics bring back that desperate era, amidst Joe Cruz’s unpredictable orchestration.



I walk along the street of sorrow, The boulevard of broken dreams -
Where Gigolo and Gigolette Can take a kiss without regret -
and so forget their broken dreams.

You laugh today and cry tomorrow, When you behold your shattered schemes -
And Gigolo and Gigolette wake up to find their eyes are wet 

With tears that tell of broken dreams.

Here is where you'll always find me, Always walking up and down -
But I left my soul behind me, in an old cathedral town

The joy that you find here, you must borrow. You cannot keep it long it seems.
But Gigolo and Gigolette. Still sing a song and dance along,
The boulevard of broken dreams.

Ken Eisner
Simon Kendall
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