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As the Depression set in, North Americans started dreaming about other parts of the world, and the tiki-torch enchantment of colonial Hawaii blended into an exotic “otherness” that literally knew no bounds—because the dreamers had so few clues as to where these intriguing cultures were actually found and what they represented. Brazil-born, U.K.-based singer Nina Miranda here unfolds our musical map, grounded by pedal-steel master Tim Tweedale’s cascading Canadiana.


Flamingo, like a flame in the sky Flying over the island To my lover nearby  Flamingo, with your tropical hue For it's you I rely on And the love that is true  


The wind sings a song to you as you go. The song that I hear below 

the murmuring palms. Flamingo, when the sun meets the sea. Say farewell to my lover. and hasten to me

Nina Miranda
Tim Tweedale
Raphael Geronimo              
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