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Cashing in on the phenomenal popularity of the 1936 book, “Gone With The Wind” had no other connection to the novel or the 1939 movie. The song became an instant jam-session favourite, though, usually done in a relatively uptempo vein. Few performers have captured the song’s melancholy air of loss and resignation, but on this version, sax giant David Liebman’s spiritually yearning tenor plays beautifully off of veteran singer Cecile LaRochelle’s world-weary declarations.



Gone With the Wind, Just like a leaf that has flown away
Gone with the wind, My romance has blown away
Yesterday's kisses are still on my lips,
I've had a lifetime of heaven at my fingertips.

But now all is gone. Gone is the rapture that fills my heart
Gone with the Wind. My romance has flown apart

Just like a flame, Love burned brightly, then became
An empty smoke ring that has gone, Gone with the Wind.

Cecile LaRochelle                                             
Rene Worst
Raphael Geronimo              
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