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The first three Boulevard tunes were written by Al Dubin and Harry Warren, two of the top song wranglers on call at Warner Brothers studios. This number was first sung, innocuously, by Dick Powell and Joan Blondell (married at the time) in Gold Diggers of 1937, one of several Busby Berkeley musicals that inspired this collection. Soulful singer-songwriter Jenn Bojm reveals her inner Betty Boop with this one, while violin genius Jesse Zubot ponders this fiduciary romance.



Oh, baby, what I couldn't do, With plenty of money and you 

In spite of the worry that money brings, Just a little filthy lucre buys a lot of things 


And I could take you to places that you would like to go, 

But outside of that, I've no use for dough, It's the root of all evil Of strife and upheaval But I'm certain, honey, that life would be sunny, 

With plenty of money and you 

Jenn Bojm
Jesse Zubot
Paul Pigat
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